In development

Crypto Valley in Switzerland is the most important place in Crypto many people have never heard of. The first documentary film about the history of this iconic place in the Swiss mountains is coming soon.
It all begins in 2013 with the serendipitous concurrence of several events. A handful of early Bitcoin entrepreneurs are looking for a safe jurisdiction to do business. Bitcoin is still relatively unknown at the time and is mostly associated with the darknet and money laundering. Governments want nothing to do with it. In the absence of clear case law, the first crypto entrepreneurs are operating in a gray zone. Zug has long been an excellent place to do business, thanks to low taxes and the open attitude of the authorities. Zug’s cantonal and city governments are looking for ways to bring more technology companies to the canton. When the entrepreneurs present their vision to the authorities in 2013, they roll out the red carpet for them – an incredibly bold step at a time when most governments still work on banning crypto assets.
Together with Zug’s government, the first Bitcoin entrepreneurs lay the foundation for Crypto Valley and pave the way for the global success story of cryptoassets and blockchain technology. Shortly thereafter, Ethereum sets up shop in Crypto Valley and rolls out its blockchain. Without Crypto Valley, cryptoassets as we know them today would probably not exist.
For the first time ever, this film chronicles the history of Crypto Valley featuring interviews with the most eminent personalities who were there at the very beginning.