8GR8 Films | Story-Driven Science was founded by Manuel Stagars with a global talent network spanning award-winning film directors, media professionals, and interdisciplinary scientists. 8GR8 creates independent, non-commissioned documentary films about science and innovation that encourage audiences to think and act.



Our documentaries have won awards and screened at international film festivals:

Story-Driven Science

8GR8 developed Story-Driven Science to build bridges between academia, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and entertainment media and make today’s complex topics easy to understand and share. We specialize in films and ancillary content like podcasts and interviews that focus on science and technologies with an awesome and lasting impact.

Our team has worked with the following academic institutes and distribution channels:

Manuel Stagars

Manuel Stagars is a Swiss film director and autor. His documentary films focus on science, innovation and technology and their impact on society.


Iris Belle

Iris holds a PhD in Geography from Heidelberg University and a Diploma in Architecture from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. She is Full Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (HFT) and scientific advisor for 8GR8 projects with a worldwide academic network